Tunnel Tracking Solutions

The Real Time Tunnel Tracking System is designed to track and identify the location of personnel working in tunnel networks.

Tunnel real time location tracking of staff, people with bluetooth

System Overview

A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) personnel badge/tag is issued to all personnel and visitors. Each badge/tag transmits a unique Bluetooth (BLE) signal which uniquely identifies it and therefore them to the system.

Wireless Beacons (WBs) are located at intervals of between 20 and 80 metres within the tunnel. Each WB detects the tags within its designated area (read-zone) which report the IDs of the tags within their zone to the designated BLE gateway.

Wireless Beacons relay the location of all ID tags to the nearest gateway via their own BLE Mesh network, they repeat the location of tags from WB to WB along the tunnel network. Signals are relayed between WBs which are up to 100 metres apart.

The system can either locate personnel by reporting their location as they pass each WB or provide full coverage of the tunnel network, monitor the location of all personnel. Personnel tags are available with a man down (fall sensor) and distress alert for additional safety functions/features.

Wireless Beacons relay the unique ID of the tags that either within or pass through their read zone to the BLE Gateway. The BLE Gateway receives signals from the WB network and provides the software with the location of all personnel in real time. The software application is situated on server located anywhere on the network. The system monitors the location of all Personnel and visitors in real time and enforces the business rules.

In the event of an emergency the location of the affected personnel is available across a range of media.

how our real time location Tunnel Tracking solution works