Product Partnerships

Real Time Location forge strategic partnerships which bring our tracking products to new market sectors.

Our partners are established in their market sector and have a clear understanding of an unmet need for people/asset tracking systems within their market. We help by modifying our proven hardware/software to meet the specific needs of their market.

Our Partner's Benefits

Our product partner program is built on mutual benefit and common interest

By working closely with our partners if needed we modify our hardware products to meet the specific needs within their market which they identify.

Our proven personnel and asset tracking products are deployed in several markets.

A reduction in the time it takes bring new products to market, the risks associated with the development of new technology are key benefits to our partners.

When the product modifications are completed, we manufacture the products exclusively for our chosen partner.

We have several strategic partnerships based on the above model which work well for all parties. If you have a product idea which requires track and trace systems please contact us.