Student Tracking Solutions

The Real Time Student Safety System is designed to monitor the location of staff, pupils and guards in schools, colleges or university campus'.

Track your students safety, staff and guards throughout your campus building or education establishment, quickly, efficiently and safely

With a Real Time Student Safety System In the event of an emergency evacuation or drill at a school/college or University, pupils, students staff and visitors can automatically be directed away from the danger zone. Security personnel and staff can be given location information to help improve the security of VIP's and vulnerable groups.

System Overview

Students and Personnel are issued with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or Bluetooth tag which transmits which Uniquely identifies them to the system.

Wireless Location Modules (WLMs)/Wireless Beacons (WB) are located at strategic points throughout the site class rooms, doors, corridors etc. Each WLM/ WB is configured to detect tags within a precise read- zone (between 0.5 & 80 metres). As Personnel and students move around a building, the tags are read by the WLMs WBs. The WLMs, WBs transmit the unique ID of the tags in their zone via RFID or BLE to a central RFID reader or BLE Gateway.

Central readers and gateways receive signals from the WLMs or WBs and communicate the location of all tags to the software application, which is located on a network server. The system constantly monitors the location of all students, Personnel and visitors in real time.

Personnel with appropriate access can locate students quickly and easily.

The system records the location of personnel, students, and visitors in real time. During a fire drill or real emergency the system provides fire marshals and security personnel with a list of people who remain in the affected area 'danger zone' via a web interface on their smart phone or tablet.

The system can instantly respond if a student is in an inappropriate part of the site. The system will automatically monitor the location of student and instantly report when they are in an area which is inappropriate.

How our student safety tracking solutions work

How our personnel tracking tag and software system works

Student / Pupil Tracking Suitable For:

  • Schools
  • University Campus'
  • Colleges
  • Any education establishment