Asset Tracking Solutions

The Real Time Asset Tracking Solution is a fully customisable, complete design, installation and maintenance package to suit your needs

Track your assets and equipment in real time with our location tracking solution

Real Time Location's Asset Tracking Systems are proven across several industries and sectors improving, processes, efficiency and reducing operating costs.

An Asset Tracking system from Real Time Location is an efficient method of locating high value assets and or mission critical equipment quickly and easily. It can help to reduce losses through misplacement of equipment and improve security. Enabling Personnel to pinpoint equipment when needed. When fewer portable assets are required, the benefits are a reduction in capital, maintenance servicing, storage and depreciation cost.

System Overview

Each asset is assigned an RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag, which uniquely identifies it to the system through Radio Frequency Identification RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Wireless Location Modules (RFID WLMs) or Wireless Beacons (BLE WBs) are strategic located at points throughout the site. Each WLM or WB is configured to detect the tags within range of the read zone (between 0.5 & 80 metres). Assets are tracked as they are moved within and around the site. The unique ID of tags are read by the WLMs or WB's which wirelessly transmit the ID of the tags to a central RFID reader or Bluetooth Gateway.

The central RFID Readers or BLE Gateways receive signals from the WLMs or WBs. RFID Readers or BLE Gateways connect to the software located on a network server. The system monitors the location of all assets in real time.

Personnel can find assets from a desktop PC, tablet of smart phone. The system can instantly provide a real time inventory to all the assets.

How our asset tracking solutions work

How our equipment & asset tracking tagging system works