Real Time Location Tracking Solutions

Real Time Location specialise in accurately tracking/locating people and assets when they are within or close to buildings in real time.
Our patented products enable us to provide the most accurate, cost effective and reliable systems available.

Do you want to know where your people and assets are?
With our unique location intelligence systems, we can help.

We manufacture and supply a range of auto identification products that accurately locate your personnel, visitors and portable assets (inventory) in real time, when they are either within or close to buildings. Our patented products are able to pinpoint the precise room (or area) where the people or portable assets are located. Our systems can be supplied via our installer network around the globe, we offer a full design, installation and maintenance package to suit your needs. Our products are beneficial in many markets and are currently used in: Security, Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Education, Retail, and Engineering.